No more bond interest for pensioners!
This alternative pension helps you retire confidently

A tontine pension that is managed by mathematical robots and designed to ensure stable and increasing income to pensioners. Say goodbye to bonds and the small interest they provide.
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Tontines are as secure as many types of pensions including ones made from bonds however they offer more choice and higher payments in later life!

Pensioners shouldn’t have to worry about spending too much in the case they live longer than expected. Until now, they have.
Tontines are a simple solution that solves this, it provides income for life and when we say life we mean it, unless you can live past 120 years of age!

How it Works

So, why a tontine pension?

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Income for each month, for life.

Pensioners can receive a monthly income until 120 years of age. We challenge you to live that long!

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Rising income over time

Your income will increase faster than inflation. Unfortunately we can’t say the same about bond interest rates.

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Benefit from the lowest fees in the pension industry

Flat 1% yearly fees are substantially lower than the costs of bonds.

How does this pension compare to other products?

Drawdown Pension
Pensioner tontine

Provides Lifetime Income that never runs out

The income level offers Value for Money

The Income Rises to protect against inflation

The product charges Low Fees & zero commission

Is Simple & Transparent

The income level offers Value for Money

Is suitable for Islamic consumers

Member assets are held in a segregated trust account

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More reasons to chose a tontine pension

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Top-to-bottom transparency

Our trust gives you complete control over the safety and long-term viability of your income.

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European Union safety levels

This pension complies with the most recent European Union pension guidelines in order to ensure safety.

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Data encryption

Advanced encryption is used to protect all personal identities and financial data.

The industry is changing, will you be a part of it? Pensioners say goodbye to bond interest and hello tontines!

Wall street journal has said:

“Longevity Tontines are simply awesome!”

We are providing a better retirement product that is simple to use and adoptable by any present and upcoming generation.

Longevity Tontine pensions are trusted by experts
How to get started with a tontine pension?

Getting started is easy. Simply download the app or use our web platform.
Get started today to ensure your pension is taken care of for life.

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